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Food processing

Processing of gluten-free foods
Making a product based on your recipe
Roasting, drying, grinding and sorting of nuts and cereals
Thermostabilization of cereals, nuts and poppy seeds
Sweetened dried fruits
Unsweetened and unsulphured dried fruits
Cold pressing of oils                                                     

Our production line ensures the pasteurization and thermostabilization of all oil plants and cereals in both wet and dry ways, as well as cereals and oil plants already prepared in the form of flour and pulp. The technologies we use, make it possible to process sugar and SO²-free fruits to meet today’s trend in healthy nutrition.

Packaging and sale

of food products, packaging of private labels

Thanks to our advanced packaging technology, we are able to provide you with the packaging of any small volume series of your private products in classic or atypical packaging. Within the packaging, we are able to meet you in any of these food segments:

Dried fruits in standard processingě
Sugar free and unsulphured dried fruits
Nuts or seeds

We offer complete processing of your order, from importing raw materials through raw materials processing to our standards or your recipe, to packaging your product under your brand name into a standard or atypical package.

Export and import

of agricultural commodities

As part of providing comprehensive packaging and food processing services, we are also able to help you in the import and export of your products. With extensive business contacts all around the world, we can offer you import and export of the following commodities:

cereals and oil plants
nut fruits, dried fruits and vegetables
pasta, legumes

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Barrique chips

to optimize the sensory properties of wines and spirits

A full-featured alternative of expensive burnt oak barrels. With our Barrique chips, you can achieve the same results as with the expensive Barrique barrels.

Available in more than 10 variants
Treated with hot steam, pasteurized and roasted
Application of chips – during fermentation and aging of wines

    The new oak barrel is a precious thing and not everyone is willing to invest in it. That is why in Europe, since 2006, the “Barrique chips” have been added to mature wines as a full-fledged alternative to expensive fired oak barrels.

    The aromatic substances from the burnt oak wood that we produce and supply on the market are exactly the same as those in Barrique barrels.  In addition, they are much more concentrated compared to barrels, because smaller pieces of wood have a larger surface than the barrel.

    With our Barrique chips, you can achieve the same results as with expensive Barrique barrels, whose price ranges between 10 – 30,000 CZK, and the price can go up to 100,000 CZK.

    I'm interested in Barrique chips

    The oak is best suited to the production of barrels, which, unlike other deciduous trees, does not release volatile substances and features a wide range of aromatics.

    The palette of flavor develops further if the barrels on the inside are properly tanned. Cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, bitter chocolate, espresso, caramel, coconut, sweet toffee, butter, herbs, but also the smell of smoke or burns, they are all typical Barrique aromas.

    Barel makers use wood mainly from American or European oak, with an American oak having at least 70 years old and European, whose wood has a finer structure for at least 100 years. From one such an oak tree, can be made up to two 220-liter barrels The manufactured barrel can then be used for wine production for a maximum of three times and later on is usually used for maturation of sherry, bourbon or finer whiskey for adding a new flavor to the spirit drink.